What if the flight is cancelled for weather conditions ?

Flight cancellations for weather conditions are very rare. 

We Fly Africa will make sure to offer an alternative travel plan to replace the cancelled flight. 

Our main partner (charter company) had only 2 flights cancelled for weather conditions during the last 10 years.


How do guarantee the safety ?

We Fly Africa is a flight broker and thus acts as an agent for its customers and organizes charters with aircraft operators. We Fly Africa does not own and/or operates its own planes.

In order to control the quality of our operators we make sure they have Aircraft Operator certificates, operating licenses and have updated and ongoing insurance policy. 

Our independence enables We Fly Africa to change or stop to work with an operator in case they do not comply with our very strict quality and safety requirements.


How do you build up your price ?

We Fly Africa has a very clear and simple price policy - the quote is made according the following point - aircraft type/trip and duration of the flight.

In case the aircraft has to stay away from its base, it generates additional costs linked to the non operational aircraft but also to the crew (hotel, food..).

Can I choose the aircraft that I want ?

Yes, all planes displayed on our websites are available. Select the plane you want/need and get a quote.

Do I need to pay in advance ?

You do need to pay in advance for us to be able to confirm the aircraft to the operator. Please refer to the terms and conditions policy.

What are the baggage allowances ?

Soft bag and average of 15 KG per person - as a standard weight. We can accommodate more on demand, please refer to our booking form. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any particular demand regarding the baggage.



Can I access a lounge ?

Yes. Private lounges in all airports. No queue, no time spent for boarding.

What services  will I get in the lounge ?

All services possibles, on client request. Please tell us your needs in the booking form.

Do you accommodate handicapped people ?

yes, of course.

How do I know where to go in the airport ?

You will receive all information in the quotation.  On demand we can either wait for you at the airport or pick you up at the destination you will request. 

I am a potential partner who can I contact ?

please contact us at info@weflyafrica.co.za

If I go by plane to a game reserve, how do I go from the closest runway to the lodges ?

This is organised by the lodges; alternatively We fly Africa can also manage that part for you.

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