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Do you need a private plane for business or leisure?

We will identify the best aircraft to answer your need: size, comfort, interior, cost efficiency, duration of the flight, crew on board or any other consideration.

We will manage all the logistics of the flight, be available 7 days a week to answer any request, coordinate the reception of passengers at the airport lounges, supervise the flight authorisations and organise any additional services you may need like transport to the airports.

We will try to fill the return empty leg in order to reduce the cost of your plane and if you are willing to accept others passengers with you, we will also try to fill the empty seats on your flight. 

Private jets and charter flights all over Africa _ We Fly Africa


Are you looking for a charter flight, for a group of 30 to 550 passengers? 

We will source the most cost efficient plane. Furthermore, we can organise the filling of the seats on your request to lower as much as possible the cost per passenger. We are partnering with travel agencies who are always considering our charter flights for their own clients. 

We will organise all the logistics of the flight, including the invoicing of the passengers, issuing of the tickets, the organisation of the departure, the catering on board or the flights transits when applicable.

You may also choose to only book the plane and manage the filling of passengers by yourself. We will support you in the aircraft related matters: crew, catering or flight authorisations and let you manage the seats bookings. 

We will always consider the cheapest options for your flight. It may combine a commercial airline leg and a transit in our charter plane. 

Private jets and charter flights all over Africa _ We Fly Africa


On some occasions we can organise a charter plane together with the accommodation and extras for a weekend, an event, a business seminar or a private holiday with your friends, family or colleagues.

Music festivals, surf competitions, game reserves, golf weekends, bachelor parties, picnic days or simply leisure flights around the city, we will organise any project for you! 

Please have a look at our current packages or contact us to obtain ideas and advice. We partner with travel agencies to organise your perfect trip!

Private jets and charter flights all over Africa _ We Fly Africa
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Private jets and charter flights all over Africa _ We Fly Africa


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Hello Sebastien, my flight to Lusaka was fantastic thank you so much! I was sitting in the cockpit with the pilot and the service was excellent!

I'm now on the plane to Addis Ababa, we just took off. Transit was good.

The couple who traveled with me (owners of the jet) is lovely and speak German so they like me :) Thank you for all your work!

Bettina B. (Namibia)

We flew with all the family to a private game reserve for a lunch. All went very well. It was top! A big thank you for the organisation, I will send you a picture. Plane was perfectly organised, we were very comfortable, the pilot was very nice and the experience amazing !

Sandrine W. (South Africa)

Repatriation flight with We Fly Africa from Namibia to Zambia in order to catch a plane to Dubai. That was our only solution to go back home due to the Covid19 pandemic. The flight went well and the transit in Zambia was very well organised. Ground staff assisted us with our luggage. Thank you for the good service and for always being available when we needed.

Capt. Aakaar J. (India)


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