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5 reasons to work with a broker when you are looking for a private flight.

An overview from Sebastien de Place, founder and director at We Fly Africa, a brokerage company organising private jets and charter flights all over Africa.

The priorities of the chartered passengers are the safety, cost and the dedicated service provided by the flight operator. In the 5 points below, We Fly Africa, as a broker, is answering their concerns.

Safety 1/ We only work with trusted operators. We regularly inspect the safety documentation and reports of the flight operators. We inspect the plane documents (certificates of maintenance and insurance). We have previously identified large operators who had not included a specific plane in their insurance contract erroneously. We verify the pilot’s licence and the number of flight hours on the plane you have booked. We have the freedom to stop working with an operator if all conditions above are not met. We work with international companies, in the mining, petrol or engineering industries and always meet all their legal requirements.


2/ We find the best plane. We don’t own any plane and therefore have the flexibility to book the perfect plane for your specific needs. We have seen instances whereby an operator would offer a 6-seater plane for a group of 4 passengers as this was the smallest plane in their fleet however this would result in the passenger paying for additional seats that they would not utilise. We Fly Africa would source a plane for your specific needs, in that instance we would have found 4-seater plane which is significantly cheaper than a 6-seater.

3/ We negotiate the best prices with operators. We have a wide range of operators and can always negotiate rates with them to ensure our passengers always get the best price.

4/ Fill empty legs. As a broker, we don't only look for the best quotations for you. If you’re willing to accept other passengers in your plane, our role as a broker is to fill the empty seats you may have, to reduce your quotation. We are connected to dozens of travel agencies and individual travellers from all countries in Southern Africa, to sell these available seats quickly with selected passengers.


5/ Flexibility and personalised support. We have a dedicated hotline to reply to all our clients’ questions and last-minute requests and regularly follow up on their flights. We are 100% flexible, and our planes can be customised for our clients’ preferences such as: choice of plane, decor of the plane, customised seats, food and drinks, gift packages, etc. We are here to support you in your administrative process in getting the necessary approval to enter of leave a country. We can also organise transfers to the airport or book hotels for your transits. We work with airport management companies to facilitate your journey from the entrance of the airport to the plane door.

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