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Namibia – A Photographer’s Dream Destination

If we had to pick just one place in Africa to photograph, it would have to be Namibia. Or as Trump would say, ‘Nambia’. With its limitless horizons, stark landscapes, surprising wildlife, and surreal views, Namibia holds endless visual treasures for the landscape photographer. A land of contrasts and extremes, few other countries can match Namibia’s sheer beauty. From the abandoned houses of Kolmanskop, to the dramatic sand dunes and dead trees of the Sossusvlei, to the jaw-dropping Fish River Canyon, the variety of otherworldly scenes seems endless. With so many iconic photog

raphy locations on offer, it’s no surprise that Namibia can claim a lofty spot on a photographer’s bucket list of awe-inspiring photographic locations. Here are a few of our favourite landscape photos taken in Namibia that will make you want to book your next trip to Namibia.

Sobering solitude at Swakopmund:

Giraffes at Etosha National Park:

Two-toned sand dunes of the Sossusvlei:

A stunning sunset sky over the Namib Desert:

White, orange and blue. The iconic colours of the perfect Sossuvlei scene:

These footprints up the dune won’t last long in the swirling desert sand:

One of the many shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast:

In addition to being an idyllic location for landscape photography, Namibia is also the perfect place for adventure travelers. From skydiving to hot air balloon rides, rock climbing the Spitzkoppe, sandboarding down dunes, and kayaking with seals and dolphins, there is no excuse to be bored while visiting this diverse and spell-binding country.

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