Our 5 pillars:   

Safety;   Quality;   Flexibility;    Price;   Social Responsibility.


Safety is our first priority !

We Fly Africa are extremely strict on their safety policy.

The aviation safety mainly depends on plane maintenance and pilots trainings.

As an independent broker, We Fly Africa always choose the best maintained planes and pilots for its flights.

By using We Fly Africa, you ensure that both of the above are verified and audited on a very regular basis.

On client demand, all maintenance and insurance certificates or information on pilots trainings and curriculm vitae are available. 



First class for all our passengers !

We Fly Africa has only one flying class; the First Class.


This includes VIP experience for all our passengers:

  • Personal account manager 24/7

  • Take over of passengers from "door to door"

  • Private terminal access and no queue at airports

  • Confidentiality, discretion and security of our guests

  • Customized catering and drinks on clients wishes

  • Luggage storage service



Our only limit is your imagination !

We Fly Africa have a dedicated 24/7 Hotline to reply to all clients questions or follow up on the flights and last minute requests. 


We are 100% Flexible. Our planes can be customized for our clients:


  • Choice of plane

  • Decoration of the plane

  • Customized seats

  • Food and drinks

  • Gift packages

  • ...



Jet Sharing and Empty Legs filling !

As a broker, we don't only look for the best quotations for you.

If you’re willing to accept other passengers in your plane, our role as broker is to fill the empty seats you may have, in order to reduce your quotation.

We are connected to hundreds travel agencies and individuals travelers from all countries in Southern Africa, in order to sell quickly these available seats with selected passengers.

Last minute deals :

We offers cheap tickets in our chartered planes in order to fill the available seats and reduce the quotations for our charter flights clients. 

You will found very good opportunities, Watch our space !  




No dreamer is ever too small … No dream is ever too big !


Sharing our passion and making the dream of children possible, is one of the goals of We Fly Africa.


We partner with associations who help underprivileged children, and divert 5% of our profits to take them flying, under We Fly Africa - Wings For Hope. 


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