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Our travel plans selection offer daily journeys around Johannesburg and the Gauteng province. An unique opportunity to travel to new destinations as a family or as a couple! We Fly Africa will take you to the top of Johannesburg, Pilanesburg, Vaal Dam or Zebula Golf Estate & Spa. You can decide to extend your day stay and benefit from our additional options.


Take a 1 hour flight to the breath-taking Pilanesberg National Park. Our pilot will land in the park, where you will be whisked away in a hot air balloon to enjoy a beautiful and quiet aerial safari, and fly you back to Johannesburg. 

Flight from R 16,000 for 2 adults & 2 children.

Hot air balloon from R 2,000 per person (30 min).

If you'd like to extend your day, you have the option to stay over night at Pilanesburg Private Lodge or Sun City Resort. Our pilot will pick you up the following day and fly you back to Johannesburg. Contact us for a quotation. 

Aerial Safari Pilanesberg
Fly Above The Vaal Dam


Take a 40 min flight Southeast of Johannesburg to Vaal Dam, Parys and a stop at Pont de Val for the day.

Flight from R 10,000 for 2 adults & 2 children.

Additional options for the day: 

- Transfer to Pont de Val Riverside Escape Restaurant - R 300 

- Luxury picnic for 4 persons next to the Vaal River - from R 2,500

- Escape to the prestigious French winery for a wine tasting - from R 500 per adult

- Relaxing moment as a couple at the Belle Foi Spa - from R 4,000

- Skydiving in Parys - from R 2,200 per person

- Stay over for the night at the Boutique Hotel - from R 2,390



Take a 30-45 minutes flight to enjoy a must-see of Johannesburg CBD, Soweto, Sandton, Hartbeespoort dam and Magaliesberg. You will view Johannesburg Central Business District from the top with its dense collection of skyscrapers, fly over Soweto the most populated township in the country and admire the sundown over Hartbeespoort dam. Includes briefing with pilot prior to the flight and a cocktail. 

Flight from R 6,000 for 2 adults.

Additional options to extend the evening:

- Champagne & caviar for sunset - R 1,500

- Transfer to the top-of-the-range restaurant in Joburg - R 500 

- Souvenir of your flight with x GoPro video  - R 2,000

Joburg City Tour


Take a 50 minutes flight to Zebula Golf Estate & Spa to enjoy a family day out. The flight includes a briefing with pilot and a delicious French picnic once in Zebula.

Flight from R 16,000 for 2 adults & 2 children.

Additional options for a day at Zebula Golf Estate & Spa: 

- Entrance for a Spa or Golf - from R 800 per person

- Souvenir of your day with x GoPro video - R 3,000

- Quad safari, mountain biking, horseback safari, game drives, night on-site and more - contact us for a quotation.

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